Down No More

Prison Mentoring Program

Supporting second chances, fresh starts and positive living

About Us

How We're Helping

We are providing friendship and mentoring to our incarcerated brothers as they transition into communities in the San Diego area. 

Our goal is to help reduce prison recidivism using friendship and understanding.

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If you are interested in helping people who have faced challenges integrate back into the community, consider joining us as a volunteer.

Tom - Founder of Down No More

What is Prison Ministry?

How do we break the cycle?

This sounds too easy...

Shannon - Mentee turned Mentor

How is this program different?

What happens if I stumble?

Success is in your control!

Chris - A success Story

Who inspires you?

What's it like after?

John - Mentor

"We're just a group of guys trying to help another group of guys"


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